Best In Home Use Laser Hair Removal Systems

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I hated my excess body hair. Shaving left me with knicks, cuts, and worse, the black dots that my stubbles left behind. If you’ve ever gotten a wax, you know that it’s not the most comfortable experience, and the results only lasted a short period of time before I started seeing some more fuzz coming through.

Enter – laser hair treatments. I first heard about these only being offered at professional doctors’ offices, but then discovered that there are devices that are specifically made for in home use that can help permanently get rid of unwanted hair. If you are serious about investing in an in home laser solution, read this post.

There are so many out there in the market today, and I’ve done a lot of research for the hunt to find the one that  worked best for use inside the privacy of your own home. There is a lot of information that needs to be considered when shopping for one, which was very overwhelming. Here, I have compiled a guide with some of the most popular at home lazer equipments for sale today:

The Top IPL & Laser Hair Removal Machines of 2017

Silk’n Flash&Go

Another greatly loved home IPL machine is this one. It’s from an award winning brand, and their technology is FDA approved. It comes with 5000 flashes, and they offer an upgrade for the lifetime cartridge, which will last forever. It also has a skin color sensor and  multiple settings.

The company is really honest in saying that if you have blonde, grey or light hair, they do not advise you to use their hair remover product. It is more suggested for light to medium skin tones, with dark hair.

The advantage of this model is the handle. It is longer than the Remington I-Light, which would be more convenient to use in hard to reach areas, like the back of your thighs or shoulders. I would also imagine it’d be perfect to use if you are doing treatments on a friend or partner, the long handle should help lesson hand fatigue.

Read my full Flash & Go thoughts here

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Price: $199 + Free Shipping

Buy it on Amazon!

Remington I-Light Pro

This brand came out with one of the first at home IPL systems in 2009, which sold over 100,000 units, and the popularity and trust for the name is still going strong. It is one of the top rated Intense Pulsed Light machines.

This machine includes has a skin tone sensor that you must use to activate the system before use. It determines if your skin color is safe to use with the device or not. It also has an auto shutoff function that is activated when the product overheats by being used for long periods of time, or if the environment is too hot. These are great features if you are concerned about the safety of these in home hair treatment machines.

It has 5 energy levels, and it is suggested that you use the highest energy level that is most tolerable for you.

The hand piece is a good size to hold in your hand, which is important (at least to me). I have weak wrists, and holding something too large for my hand can cause a lot of pain for me. The downfall is that it only comes with 1500 pulses, which they claim should last 2-3 full body treatments. Read my review here.

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Cost: $199 + Free shipping

Check it out here

Tria 4x

This brand is highly marketed and suggested by dermatologists and is one of the top rated devices for permanent hairless-ness, and with good reason… It works.

It has a different light source than the previous 2, as this one is a TRUE laser technology that helps get rid of unwanted hair. Check out my post on the difference between IPL vs laser diode here.

If you look up information for home hair removal devices, you’ll see wonderful reviews of the 4x. It works very well at permanent hair removal, but I do find that the head size is a lot smaller than most other machines, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because I was able to see the path that I was shooting the light in. A curse, because with a larger working area, it’d take a longer amount of time.

There is no denying though, that this product definitely works hence why it is one of the top rated machines. See what I think about it here.

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Price: $449 + Free shipping

Buy one here

Tria Precision

This is another laser based light machine. What I like about this one is that it is a compact size, perfect for areas that need precision, like facial hair. I would also imagine that most people would like to have a separate laser equipment for their body and their face, *ahem* imagine using the same handle on your bikini area and then your upper lip? No thanks!

Again, the size limits the surface area that you can complete in a short amount of time. But I felt like this was worth mentioning in case you want a backup for home and travel, or have areas that you need to be more careful with. Read my full review here.

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Cost: $299 + Free shipping

More information here

Me My Elos by Syneron Tanda Homedics

My most favorite in home hair removal systems for 2014 must be this one, for one very important reason. It may look sort of similar to the equipment used in the professional hair laser clinics, but it also has the capability to be used on ANY skin tone and hair color. It will work on darker skin, and blonde, white, red, and grey hair.

This is because it uses a different technology than the other machines. It uses the Elos technology, which combines IPL and radio frequency, and both work to help with permanent hair elimination.

I know that there isn’t too much info out there on this brand and company, they are the new kid on the block in this case. However, this is the ONLY machine out there on the market today that can claim that it is safe for all skin and hair colors, and it is the only option I’ve seen for people with light hair or darker skin. I see great promise for this company.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Cost: $395 + Free shipping

Buy one here

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