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waistshaperz review

UPDATE: This post was originally posted in December 2015. It seems that things have changed with the company. This post reflects my experience I personally had, not what their company is like now.

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I sure I’m not alone when I say this, but I have always been in love with an hourglass body shape. I wasn’t blessed with one, unfortunately. I have been going to the gym and adjusting my diet to try and achieve more of a balanced body shape, which is wonderful in so many ways. But sometimes, you just want something a little extra to boost your results a bit more.

waist training testimonialI decided to give waist cinchers a try. I kept seeing models and celebrities all over rocking these new age corsets, and loved how cute they were!

First, I did some research

What is a waist trainer?

A waist cincher, or a faja, is a garment that’s to be worn around your midsection to instantly tuck and trim your stomach. Some styles can be worn underneath clothing to instantly give you that hourglass shape, like these undergarments.

Waist trainers, worn over time, could help with shrinking your waist by removing excess water around the stomach area.

Corsets and the like have been around for centuries. The original ones were made out of different materials such as silk and bones, and were to be worn all day, every day to permanently change your ribcage shape and size. It is also rumoured that it also shifted women’s insides, which could be dangerous. The fad kind of fizzled out, but it’s coming back in a big way!

waist cincher benefitsVisit their official website and use coupon code “EELBWAIST” for 40% off!

Modern Waist Training

Kim K Waist Shaping

Many women across many cultures are very familiar with binding the waist or fajas, especially after having a baby. The belief is it helps to shift everything back in place after pregnancy. These gentle corsets are widely used in South America and many countries in the east.

In recent years, corsets and the like have made a big comeback in the North American markets after many celebs like Kim Kardashian posted photos of herself rocking hers. She claims that one of the reasons why her body bounced back so quickly after giving birth was due to the help of waist training.

The waist cinchers of today have a milder compression than traditional ones. They can be moderately resized as your waist gets smaller by hooks that are 1inch or less apart. Traditional corsets squeeze your waist in a lot more and can be dangerous.

What to look for in a Waist Faja

Most of the top rated waist trainers are made up of a combination of latex and cotton. The latex molds to your body and is less restricting, though there are definitely certain ones that have more compression than others. Most of the ones today have flexible boning, which further makes it more wearable and comfortable for the user.

High quality cinchers are made in Columbia, so be aware if you buy one made from any other country. Rest assured all of the ones on are of high quality and their customer service is superb.

Types of Latex Waist Cinchers

Workout ones

sport waist cincher

These ones are the most popular ones. They can be worn anytime throughout the day, but are the best option if you plan on working out with your waist cincher. The fabric has a milder compression than other waist cinchers. They also come in a large variety of colors and patterns! Order yours here

High compression ones

high compression latex corset

This one is great for wearing around the house or for lighter activities, like working at a desk. Though the shape and design is essentially the same as the workout ones, the exterior is made out of a heavier duty latex which gives you more compression. Some people may find this too restricting. This is great for if you need lower back support when you’re sitting on the computer. Take a look on the WaistShaperz site.

EDIT: Waistshaperz no longer carries the waist corsets with a heavy duty latex outer shell, but you can find it here.

Vest ones

vest waist trainerI’ll talk about this more below, but some people carry more fat in their upper backs, and this may be a better option for them. This particular one also has moderate compression so you will see less of the back fat being pushed up.

Ones to wear under clothing

tummy trimmer

These ones offer tummy control with seamless fabrics and sewing so that it doesn’t show through your clothing. Great for wearing for a special occasion with that special outfit you’ve been wanting to wear. Check it out here.

Post pregnancy waist cincher

post pregnancy waist trainer

In my opinion, you can use most of the waist trainers on the Waistshaperz site after pregnancy, but this is probably the most comfortable one, as it is completely customizable. After pregnancy you may experience vast changes in your waist as your body is bouncing back from having a baby, and I think this is the best option to use until your body reaches a more “stable” waist size.

Again, many of these styles could be used interchangeably for many activities and purposes, but these are just in my opinion, what each style is best suited for.

What size to buy

There aren’t clear instructions on their website on how to determine which your corset size.

How I personally did it was by taking the measurement around the smallest part of my waist (my natural waist), then checking their size chart to see what it correlates with.

waist shaperz sizing

I measured in at about 34″, and according to their size chart, I am a size Large, so that is what I got.

Measure your natural waist and check their size chart here.

My experience waist training

I decided to buy this  workout latex waist trainer in black.

The first time I put it on, I thought I had purchased the wrong size, as it felt super snug and I had a hard time closing it.waist training before after

I could only wear it for maybe 1 hour the first time. It is suggested that you only wear your waist belt trainer for short periods in the beginning and gradually wear it for longer times everyday.

I loved how it made my waist look, but I did find that the top created an upper back muffin top, so I didn’t really want to wear it in public. With a looser top, this wasn’t an issue.

I think next time I will get the vest style.

After wearing, I did see a slight difference in my stomach area after I removed the cincher, of course this is just temporary. Over the period of a week, I did see that my waist was starting to change shape a bit. Like I said, I am a bit boxy in the midsection, so any shape I can get, and I was excited to see results appear so soon!

See also: Vanna Belt’s Gel-V to help shape and get rid of your stretchmarks

What I liked

  • I loved the instant hourglass shape
  • My back felt more supported and improved my posture
  • The corset reminded me to do a moderate version of the stomach vacuum exercise everytime I wore it (over time, this training helps take inches off your waist)
  • Can be used in conjunction with any stretch mark cream you may be using

What I didn’t like

  • It was a little uncomfortable at first, but you get used to it
  • The upper back fat issue, next time I will look into getting a vest style to prevent this, or one with a more moderate compression

My Before and After Results

waist training before afterwaist training results


WaistShaperz Waist Trainer Cincher Reviews – What other people are saying

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waist training before and after
These results are possible if you just stay consistent!

Waist Shaperz Promo Coupon Code

Make sure you are buying the best quality waist trainers by shopping at For a limited time, they’ve allowed me to offer to you guys a 40% off coupon! Use code “EELBWAIST” during checkout!

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    1. Hey Steph,

      I’m SO sorry that this was your experience!

      Another company I’ve had great experience with is Vanna Belt. Their waist trainers don’t have that rubbery latex, are more flexible and more comfortable IMO. I wrote about them here.

    2. Steph you are so right this company is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a waist trainer and it barely fit my 80 year old grandmas who is only 79 pounds!!!! I got a 3x ! False advertisement! They did not accept the return! I know what the policy says but if this claimed to fit a certain size they need to make that clear that it may not fit you! It took three weeks to receive the item!!! Just keep the negative comments up so they can close up shop!!! They haven’t heard the end of me trust, Its just very shady and they will not do good by not doing good on their customers! I have never made a review like this because I never have to I am always happy with my purchase but this company scam people to pay for expensive products and they will run off with your money! False false advertisement! If you are like a 2x you better be a size 0 to fit into them! Oh and they don’t let you exchange for a size that fits you either stated in their return policy!!! NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!

      1. I’m so sorry that this is your experience, Jazmin. I will keep these comments up and hopefully they will fix their customer service.

        I never ran into these issues when I dealt with them, but that was over a year ago… Hoping your situation gets solved soon 🙂

  2. Bruh. Waste shaperz defiantly paid you to write this because all the reviews from actual people are terrible. According to people that actually bought their products, waste shaperz takes forever to deliver, if it’s delivered at all, items are often broken and/or the wrong size when they do arrive, and the customer service is absolutely horrendous. Not to mention they block anyone that tries keep others from being scammed on social media. These items are ridiculously expensive and it’s disgusting that you would help scam people like this. There is nothing but bad reviews from everyone that’s not being paid to write a good one. Do better.

    1. Hey Josilyn! I am aware that a lot of people are experiencing negative things with Waistshaperz, but that wasn’t my case.

      I received my items within a week if I remember correctly. This was over a year ago. Maybe there are changes within the company since then, I’m not sure.

      These were simply my experiences, and it totally sucks that everyone else is not getting the same level of service as I did. Like I said, it’s been over a year, so things may have changed.

      Perhaps there is new ownership or business practices, I’m not entirely sure. That has nothing to do with me and my review based on what I experienced over a year ago.

      I have gotten different products from other companies and I do prefer those over Waistshaperz, after experiencing them and seeing what else is out there.

  3. Waistshapzers is horrible! I ordered mine on March 23rd and money came out of my account on March 26th, but as of today I still have not received my whole order. They dont answer their phones, or call you back, or answer emails! When you chat it’s always the same thing, they are experiencing delays. I’m very disappointed and dissatisfied with customer service! I would never ever recommend Waistshaperz.

    1. I’m sorry that was your experience! I hear their CS has declined over the years…

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